Seeing Rome While Feeling at Home

When traveling it’s easy to get swept along with the tide of tourist jargon. Going to the same hotel, selecting the same guides, and having very much the same vacation as everyone else is not as fun as making your own choices.

There is an alternative. Locating Rome apartments with terrace for holiday rent is just as affordable a trip away from home, but much more comfortable. There is also a better chance of finding a choice location to rent.

rome holiday

Selecting a special place to stay is one part of the trip. The other is selecting where you want to go. There are so many places in Rome to see, and while some book a trip that includes sight seeing this often involves a crowded bus ride full of other tourists being driven quickly from one spot to the other.

Wanting more from a trip than just the ability to say you have seen a place on the map from the window of a tram is not asking too much. There is much to see in Rome, but more importantly there is much to experience in this city.

The Pantheon for example, is one of Rome’s most noteworthy preserved monuments. It is a testimony to the art of building, and geometrical harmony in architecture. This is a place to walk around and feel the history, instead of being shoved into the crowded bus and driven back to the hotel.