Tips To Save On Your Holiday

Things are looking bleak on the financial front at the moment, so many of us are looking to get away from it all for a bit. This is a bit difficult however, if you finding yourself short of cash. So, how can we get away without spending a packet?

Budget Holidays

Like well known supermarkets, some tour operators have now started doing ‘value-brand’ products like holidays. They have created packages which strip back all of the luxuries to ensure that the holidays are more affordable. So, for example you could get a once in a lifetime Incas tour for half the normal price.

Get Haggling

When you’re looking at the rates online for your holiday of choice, bear in mind that this might not necessarily be the best price. It’s always worth giving the hotel a quick ring to see if you can get a better offer. However, if you are going to try to haggle, it’s probably a good idea to try and be flexible with the dates you would like to go.


Opt For An Apartment

Instead of going for a hotel, why not consider renting an apartment? Many websites have boosted their apartment offerings, giving holidaymakers even more choice.

When looking to get an apartment, make sure that you check for guarantees should anything not go quite right with your booking. Downsides of getting an apartment though, is that many landlords will say that you have to stay for a minimum of one week, so not convenient if you are looking for a short break away.

As always, make sure that you ask if the price shown is their best offer, as they are likely to be willing to negotiate.

Home Swaps

A holiday craze which has become increasingly popular over the past few years, is home exchange sites. The idea of these websites is that you swap homes (and maybe even cars) with other holidaymakers, for a set amount of time. Let’s say for example, you’ve got a house in London and fancy going to Australia, just look online and see if there’s someone willing to swap.

Go Camping

If you fancy something a bit different than staying in a hotel, why not try camping? There’s a new craze started called glamping (glamorous camping). If the thought of being stuck in a tent in Bognor Regis in the rain doesn’t appeal, then you could go a bit further afield. For example, you could stay in luxury sites all over the world like Morrocco, Goa and Australia from as little as £41 pp per night. Searching for bargains could give you a whole new experience, for a lot less money.

Short Term Loans

If you really want to get away on holiday, but payday is too far away, you could consider taking out a payday loan to help cover the costs. You’re able to get anything from around £50 up to over £1000, which you then just repay on your payday. Although they aren’t meant to be used on a permanent basis, they could be a quick and convenient way to cover the costs of a holiday before you get paid.