Facts And Information About The Holiday Island Of Menorca


Menorca was formed from a Volcano about 100 million years ago. Since then it has enjoyed a turbulent and colourful history. Around 2000 years BC  the Talaiotic period produced the stone burial chambers or Talayots that can be seen around the island.

It was around 100 BC that the Romans invaded and referred to the island as Balearis Minor, from which the current name has been derived. In this period the towns of Mao (Mahon) and Ciutadella where established. It was around the middle ages Menorca suffered a number of Turkish raids from Pirates.

In the 17th century the British gained the right to territory of Mahon and the use of the Port. It was at this stage Mahon became the capital city. British rule continued until 1756, and then  between 1763-82 after which it was returned to Spain.

In the late 1930’s Menorca was the last part of Spain to surrender to General Franco in the Spanish Civil war. In the mid 1950’s Menorca  saw the first holiday flights from Britain.


Menorca is in fact the second largest Balearic island after Mallorca. The Balearic islands are consisted of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibizia and Formentera. Menorca is just 225km South East of Barcelona. Menorca is 53km wide from East to West and 23km Long from North to South. Menorca  has more beaches than the rest of  all the other Baleraric islands added together. The highest point on the island of Menorca is Monte Toro at an elevation of 358m.

Holiday Island Of Menorca

Temperatures And Climate:

Menorca is the wettest Balearic island and it is this climate that helps to make it the greenest of the islands. The majority of the rainfall happens between the months of October and April. The holiday island has over 300 days of sunshine per year. Average high temperatures range between 14 C in January and 28 C in July.


There are several different forms of transport on the holiday island of Menorca, most people arrive on the island by air at Mahon Airport. From the airport, scheduled and  many charter flights depart and arrive. There are also regular inter Balearic island flights.

Other ways of arriving on the island include inter island ferries and  ferries that come in from mainland Spain. These ferries depart from both Mahon Port and Ciutadella port. Mahon port also welcomes cruise ships regularly throughout the Summer.

Menorca has a good bus service, with regular links between most resorts and the towns of Mahon and Ciutadella. There are more infrequent buses between smaller resorts. The main bus station is in Mahon. It has buses to almost all locations on the island as well as frequent connections to the airport.

Menorca has a good road network, with both Taxi’s and Hire Cars readily available. Major car hire companies have offices in Menorca airport, however local car hire companies often have special offers to look out for. Driving on the holiday island of Menorca is on the right hand side, like Spain and the majority of mainland Europe. There are no motorways on the island just one main road between Mahon and Ciutadella. There are petrol stations located around the island in most major towns and resorts.

Taxis are available throughout major towns, resorts, hotels as well as at Menorca airport. They are good for short journeys but can prove expensive over shorter distances. Continue reading

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Top reasons to visit Majorca

Charming, multi-cultural Majorca is a Spanish island in the western Mediterranean Sea. Alternately occupied by the Romans, the Byzantines and the Moors, Majorca offers a unique blending of Gothic Churches with Islamic customs and architecture. In 1570 AD, Majorca was incorporated into Spain as a Spanish provincial, autonomous community.

With each cultural change, the economy of Majorca grew and flourished, becoming known around the world for its fine wine, olives and olive oil products. In 1891 the vineyards and olive groves were decimated by disease, forcing a major emigration of the residents to Spain and to the Americas. Because of this agricultural tragedy, and because of its mild winters and sunny summers, the island reinvented itself into the major tourist destination that it is today.

visit Majorca

Most visitors arrive in Majorca via the Aeropuerto de Son Sant Joan, in the capital city of Palma. Located on the south coast of the island, this major seaport on the Bay of Palma plays host to luxury cruise ships from all over the world. Palma is famous for its huge cathedral called La Seu or the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Palma which was built in the Catalan Gothic style, taking almost 400 years to complete. A stroll behind the Cathedral reveals the narrow streets and walkways of the Old City, including some private homes that are open as galleries for the public to enjoy. Palma is also known as a starting point for road cycling events which run from the southern beaches to the mountains in the north of the island.

A short drive along the coast, to the northwest, is the port town of Soller. Built on the profits from its orange and lemon trade, the town is especially famous for the Orange Express tramway which links the town of Soller to the Port de Soller. Dramatically flanked by a lighthouse on each side of the Bay, Soller is a welcome retreat for visitors longing for luxurious, sandy beaches combined with an interesting assortment of bars, restaurants and shops.

An especially peaceful retreat is located just beyond Soller at the Monastir de Lluc or Luke’s Monastery. Lluc was a 13th century shepherd boy who found a statue of the Virgin Mary in his pasture. He dutifully took the statue to the local priest, but the next day the statue was found in its original pastoral spot. This happened several times, until construction of a chapel was started at the site. The Monastir of Lluc still functions as a monastery today where visitors can dine in the cafe or rent a monk’s cell for the night.

A little further north is the picturesque town of Deia, perched on a hill overlooking the crystal blue waters of Deia Cove. Long known as a haven for international expatriates, Deia is the perfect place for people looking for literary, musical and artistic inspiration. It has been said that Deia embodies the essence of all that is exquisite, enjoyable and enticing in the Mediterranean paradise of Majorca.

If you are coming to Majorca on a holiday then villa holidays are extremely popular and can be cost effective with a wide range of different types across the island, from quite villas in majorca in the peaceful north of the island near Alcudia to villas on the coast in the more lively south of the island.

Destination Ciutadella On The Holiday Island Of Menorca

Ciutadella is the second largest town on the holiday island of Menorca, Ciutadella is on the West Coast of the island. The town has a population of just under 30,000 inhabitants. There has been a town on the site since Roman and Arab times.

The town is very elegant in style, where Mahon is the administration centre of the island, Ciutadella is the artistic centre of the island. When the capital moved from Ciutadella to Mahon the church stayed behind. The city remained very Catalan at heart, even when the island was colonised by both the French and British. In the 17th century the Menorcan elite choose to reside in Ciutadella.


Ciutadella makes a great day out, the narrow cobbled streets around the cities cathedral are an interesting place to wander. The architecture is impressive, with many of the Gothic buildings still bearing their coats of arms.

The streets are lined with small café’s to sit in, enjoy a drink and seek shade from the  summer sun. There are also bakeries a plenty selling tasty fresh pastries.  The town plays host to a range of designer boutiques for those of you looking for something a little special. Naturally it also has shops to choose a few holiday souvenirs from.

The palm tree lined Placa Des Born and the square provide additional places to seek a refreshing drink underneath the shade of the trees. In the centre of the square there are some water fountains and a small children’s park.

Other places to explore in and around Ciutadella include the pretty harbour, the impressive cathedral or why not explore the municipal museum.

Menorca Destination Santo Tomas

The resort of Santo Tomas is located about 30 Kilometres from the islands capital Mahon and Menorca airport, transfer times if you are on a package holiday to Menorca should be just under an hour.

Santo Tomas is a particularly small resort on the South coast of Menorca and has very limited public transport, with only a few buses a day. The neighbouring resorts to Santo Thomas are Son Bou and Cala Galdana and it lies almost equidistant between Mahon and Ciutadella.

The resort has a small shopping centre, with a few supermarkets, as well as the usual array of tourist bucket and spade shops.

Santo Tomas menorca

There is a promenade that runs through the entire length of the resort, it runs almost parallel to Santo Tomas beach,  passing the various hotels in the resort, as well as a few kids playgrounds. Behind the large Victoria Playa hotel there is a small wood area that is popular with local families in the summer months.

Like most other resorts on the island the main attraction is the beach, but this is particularly the case with Santo Tomas. The beach offers the usual array of water sports including banana boat rides, pedalos to hire. Santo Tomas has two beaches so there is even a choice of which beach to hit each day. One of the beaches in the resort stretches for over a kilometre

If you do venture out of the resort the nearest town is Es Mercadel, the attractions in this town include the market at which fresh local produce can be purchased. Also close by the is Menorca A Cavall riding school, why not take a horse for a ride along the coastline and beaches.

Looking to stay in Santo Tomas there are several accommodation options, there are the usual range of Menorca Holiday Homes and holiday villas. There are also a few self catering apartment complexes including the Vistamar apartments, Hamilton Court Apartments and Mestral and Llebeig Apartments. There are also a few hotels on offer in the resort including the Santo Tomas hotel and the Victoria Playa. The Victoria Playa hotel is great for families and is listed by Thomson Holidays as a ‘family resort’.